Separated broken glass from screen. Have 2 issues following it.!

Dear All, Thank you for a great website with so many help forums.!

So I was fixing my Samsung phone. The outer glass alone was cracked and my touch was working fine. so I ordered just the glass.

While separating the broken glass from the LCD,

1. I ripped off the digitizer ribbon on top - so I pulled it out of the phone

2. The front ear piece (the thin metal strip on top center of the phone) also came out half way.

Now the LCD/Display works fine, and all other features work without any issues. Only the touch part does not work because of the digitizer.

I have these questions in mind till my digitizer arrives.

Am I going on the right track? - (Glass with digitizer) This is what I have ordered.

Will my touch screen work after fixing this part with my phone?

About the earpiece.. Will I be able to hear sound when on calls? The earpiece is now partially glued to the phone.

Kindly help! Thanks in advance!

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