iPod classic stuck on "charging, please wait... " screen.

Hi. I've had my iPod classic 6th Generation 80GB for quite a few years, so naturally it gradually quit holding a charge. I decided to replace the battery. I've followed all of the steps I have found online to disassemble the iPod properly and replace the battery. After the new battery is installed and the iPod is put back together, I plug it in the wall charger and it just says "charging, please wait...." So, I waited and waited and waited. It had been over 6 hours and it was still stuck on that screen. So I thought maybe I got a faulty battery. So I ordered a new one and again, disassembled, replaced battery, reassembled, and plugged into wall charger. Unfortunately, it's doing the same thing. It's been on the charger ALL DAY and still won't come on. Does anyone have any suggestions or things that I can try to resolve this issue?? I feel lost without my iPod:( Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

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