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replace lion battery on the tablet

I have a cheap tablet that its battery has died. I want to replace the battery with some better brand like the redmi phone lion battery 3200mAh by connecting the terminals on the lion battery with short wires. But it cannot adhere firmly using adhesive tapes.. Is there any way you can think of so I can make the connections without doing any soldering? I do not want to damage the battery.

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Can you specify the tablet you have? Also go check out the Dell Laptop response I wrote back to you.


It is not needed to know what kind of tablet, providing that the battery will have two leads , one positive and one negative, that connects inside the tablet. The redmi phone battery have 4 terminals, the middle two can be sealed with adhesive tapes. The one I have is original a lithium polymer battery, which is soft. the redminote phone has a hard case, however.


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