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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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Why is my R4I not working?

When i load up my R4I game it doesn't seem to work, it only says, " An error has occurred. Press and hold the Power Button to turn the system off. Please see the Nintendo DSI Operations Manual for help troubleshooting". I looked at the manual and it did not help... Does anyone know how to fix this?

Please help :)

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You need to upgrade your r4i card and here is the tutorial:


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Hey julieocampo, you should try to look at this post. I don't know much about the DSi but the answers here seem to be helpful.

-Let me know how it goes.

-Please accept this as an answer if it answers your question.

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Because your connsole version is higher then your r4i card firmware. You need to upgrade your r4i card. Here is the tutorial:

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