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Repair guides and support for netbooks produced by Asus, including the Eee PC line.

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Can I upgrade my Asus Eee PC 1015cx RAM?

My girlfriend's notebook pc only has 1Gb RAM and runs really slowly. I was wondering if a RAM upgrade is as straight forward as my Macbook was?

Any pointers?


Well, i just found out that this model is the 1015cx, without the RAM slot. And apparently only has one card. It comes with 1Gb RAM and sholud be upgradable to 2gb.

Not sure about opening it up and getting to it though, can't find any guides. There are four screws under the removable battery, I may try that.

Have a dig around. Anybody know?

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No, the device is not upgradable and the Asus Eepc 1015CX don't have the removable RAM slot , and it is fixed to the motherboard. We can't upgrade to the 2GB RAM. I fully opened the netbook , and don't seen the RAM module to replace.


Same here asus Eee pc 1015 is not upgraded to 2gb ram it has only one slot and ram fixed inside the motherboard.. I think that there are two types in asus Eee pc first 1015cx BLK024 it was upgraded to 2 gb ram and two slots but the second one is the 1015cx BLK019 it has only one slot and not upgraded to 2 gb.. In my laptop this Problem appear ... Please help.. Upgrade to 2 gb ram any alternative way?


yesss, can you buy another netbook.


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Yes, the RAM is upgradable. There is a panel that can be removed that is located on the bottom of the computer situated next to the Windows Product Key tag. It uses DDR3 PC3-12800 RAM with two slots available. Each slot can hold a maximum of 1 GB, so you can upgrade to 2GB. The RAM modules can be changed out in under 5 minutes.

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Thanks jkm. And if it were pc3 8500s that I took out of a macbook, could that work? Would there be an improvement?

Just conveniwnce really as I have them just sitting here.

Please excuse the novice questions, I really have no idea and rely heavily on ifixit and Google.


PC3-8500 should work. It has a slower transfer speed than PC3-12800, but shouldn't make a noticeable difference in the machine you will be using. And always feel free to ask question. It's what we are hear for.


I would also mention, since the intention is speed boosting, check for useless programs running in the background.


Yes, thanks. i found a couple of instructional videos on how to do just that!

In fact, the pc in question (1015cx) has the option to convert some of the HD storage into RAM! I guess that's why they did away with the easy access slots.

Anyway, it is a bit faster now. More ram and less crap. I am becoming a geek, and I like it.


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