TV out will not go off

I have hooked my zune hd to my receiver using the AV docking station and an HDMI cable. When I select the correct port on the receiver I get nothing, just a blank screen on the TV. When I go to settings it shows TV out as "off" and it will not change to on. I select HDMI auto and still nothing happens.

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More has happened since I posted my problem. I took my Zune to Best Buy to see if I could get help. The tech from geek squad hooked it up to a monitor and it worked. I brought it home and it worked. Two days later I tried again and it will not work. Same problem, nothing on the TV even though I have the receiver on the correct channel, I go to settings on the Zune and select TV output (which shows TV off) and select HDMI Auto and nothing happens. Could I have to do things in a certain order to make the signal from the Zune output to the receiver? This has to be something really stupid for it to work on and off.


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