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Black lines after LCD replacement

Hi there

I did an Ipod 5th Gen LCD replacement last night, I didn't put the metal plate back in so that I could test it loose.

I'm getting black lines running down the screen, and the touch isn't very responsive.

I'm wondering if the problem is

A. Loose connection on the digitizer and LCD cable, (as it was very fiddly to put in)

B. The flex cables are being crushed due to how i put them back in under the logic board ( getting the flex cables back in how they were is a puzzle in itself)

C. I've cooked the logic board with the heat gun while removing the original screen.

If anyone has any ideas could you help me out?

Many thanks


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Or possibly a faulty part ?


I guess you already stated the answer

I am not quite sure since I heard it somewhere of unknown sources, but anyways I heard that the metal plate which you didn't put it back is kinda electromagnetic interference guard between board and LCD.

Maybe there is some kind of interruption between those parts since you simply didn't put the metal thing in there.

hope this can help


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The black lines on your display are most likely caused by a loose connection on the ribbons. They can be a bit finicky when you put them back in, in my experience usually require several firm pats with the plastic opening tool (of course, exercise caution when doing so.) I believe part of the reason why the metal casing exists is to hold the ribbons in place. If you want to test the device before putting the casing on, I recommend making sure the ribbons are secure and then holding them down with the plastic openener to be sure. I hope this helps, good luck on your repair.

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Mine has done something crazy My father changed the lcd but I dont think he did it right I continued using it and now my ipod is completley useless now I have no trust in apple :/

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