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A portable wireless bluetooth speaker introduced in 2013 by Beats by Dr. Dre.

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beats pill xl wont turn on

my beats pill xl wont turn on any idea i try putting it on the charger but still wont turn on.

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i have a question. my xl gives charge but only i plug it in to the outlet .. over then that it doesn't turn on


I just saw few of Pills XL with such problem, all of them was on 0.6.xx firmware, and ones that working correctly are on 1.0.7. But you will be unable to update it, because Beats software will direct you to Beats quality program site to return your Pill and get money back,

On internet there are resolve - unplug information cables from battery connector and leave only power ones, but not tested myself.


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Check out the recall program on this model:

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Donde puedo hordenar una motherboard beats pill xl

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