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Released in 2014, identified by 11.6 inch screen, 2-in-1 convertible touchscreen laptop. Model number 11t-n000.

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How can I change my battery?

Whenever I restart the computer, it tells me that I need to replace the battery, which hardly lasts 5 minutes if I unplug the power adapter unfortunately. I searched HP's store site and couldn't find any batteries that were compatible with the Pavilion 11x360, but I managed to find a compatible battery on Amazon. I am not sure, though, how I would go about replacing the battery if/when I were to purchase the new one... There is no slot underneath the computer where the battery is visible, as there have been on all of my previous laptops.

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The guide HP Pavilion 11 x360 Battery Replacement demonstrates how to replace the battery for your model.

The part number from page 54 of the Maintenance and Service manual is 751875-005. These can be found on the HP Parts Store or eBay as well.

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