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The 4Sight 9 is a low-end slate-form Android tablet released by 4Sight in March 2013. Identified by model number 4SPA0910C.

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Cracked screen won't work

My screen is cracked, and won't work, how can I fix it?

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3 Antwoorden

Replacing Broken Screen

Removing Cover

1. Dislodging cover

• Take tablet and rotate on its side, so that the two screws are facing upward.

• Use 1mm Phillips screwdriver to and insert into screw hold on the left side of the tablet.

• Rotate screwdriver counterclockwise to remove screw from its port.

• Follow steps 2 and 3 to remove second screw on right side of tablet. (Both set screws will be removed from device)

• With screws removed, insert plastic prying tool and pry back case away from the device slowly moving the plastic prying tool along the device. (Case should easily dislodge from tablet.

2. Remove speaker from cover

• Hold positive and negative wires as close as possible to the speaker.

• Use plastic prying tool and fingers to simultaneously lift speaker from cover. (All connections from cover to tablet are removed)

• Set cover aside.

Removing Battery from Device

1. Locating battery

• To locate the battery, look to the left upper-hand corner, and find the silver rectangle taking up 3/4 of the tablet

2. Removing battery

• Insert plastic prying tool under upper-hand corner of battery and slide back and forth

• Once loosened, insert plastic prying tool under lower-hand corner and repeat sliding action

• Repeat previous steps until battery comes loose from device

[If prying tool is unsuccessful, use fingers to grasp edges of device and pull upward]

Removing Motherboard

5. Detaching electrical ribbons

• Grip the ribbon located at the far end of the circuit board with a plastic spudger tool

• Put pressure on the connector until the clasp comes undone

• Gently pull up on electrical ribbon until it disconnects from circuit board

• Repeat these steps to remove the second electrical ribbon from the motherboard

6. Removing screws connecting motherboard

• Using 1mm Phillips screwdriver, insert into screw hole on motherboard at rotate counterclockwise (This should remove screw from motherboard)

• Repeat this step for the remaining three screws connecting the motherboard to the device

7. Removing Wi-Fi connector

• With fingers, grip the green Wi-Fi connector

• Gently pull up on connector to remove tape holding the connector in place

8. Dislodging Motherboard

• Using your fingers, gently lift the motherboard

[If motherboard does not remove easily, make sure that all the screws have been disconnected and all electrical ribbons have been detached]

Separating Screen from Glass

1. Removing glass

• Insert plastic prying tool under screen and exert pressure, pulling upward

• Repeat this step around each corner of the screen until if pops off (this will separate the screen from the glass)

2. Removing electrical film

• Place heating pad on glass frame in order to loosen adhesive for 3 to 5 minutes

[If adhesive does not loosen, set on heating pad for 5-7 more minutes]

• Remove plastic film from glass frame (This will allow you to install new glass)

For more information, try using the troubleshooting page

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My small tablet screen is cracked it won't move anything . So my question is how do you repair how much it cost. By the way I only 14 years old to do this

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My tab screen is demage will you replace it ?

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