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A 10.1" Android Internet tablet released in 2014 by NuVision. Its key features include 1280 x 800 Display, WiFi, Bluetooth®, micro USB, mini HD, headphone jack and two cameras.

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Why won't my tablet power on?

My NuVision TM1088 will not start up and has no lights.

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My NuVision tablet will not turn on I tried to reset it press the power and the volume button it doesn't turn on I plug it in I don't get anything it just will not turn on at all might I need a new battery for it?


Worst thing to buy, after a week the battery died. I try to turn it on but it just does nothing, doesn't charge or ever turn on. Is it dead? Last night it took me FOUR hours to turn it back on. Please help.


My computer has done the same thing....what is going on have we been scammed people....

Mine was working yesterday n today it's completely done


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The battery might need to be charged or the battery could be broken. Try turning on the device while it is plugged in. If it turns on then you might need a new battery.

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My screen will kind of flutter back and forth. It will stop then return


my screen just won't turn on its so scary i think i broke it


it wont turn on ive tried it its not turning on this started on the 22nd


Ok so, if it does have a light on but won’t power on, wtf does holding the power button and volume down button do? Absolutely F ing nothing! This was a thread about it not powering on right?



Maybe try Power + Vol Up and check

Power + Vol Down is the usual way to get to the recovery menus in an Android device but some makers change thing to suit their own requirements

The recovery menus are stored in a different place to the operating system so they're less likely to become corrupted if it is a software problem causing it not to start.

A hardware problem is different


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Hi @ Michele Ash,

What method have you tried to charge the battery or turn on the tablet?

Using the DC charger with the 2.5mm barrel type plug or via the tablet's micro USB port with a compatible phone charger or even connecting it to a PC.

If you are not getting any indication of charging or being able to start the tablet using either method, power port or USB port then there is a problem with the systemboard in the tablet.

If you do get a charging indication when using the micro USB port, allow the tablet to charge for about an hour before attempting to turn it on.

If it works when charging via the USB port it may mean the the charger with the barrel plug may be faulty and the battery has depleted because of this or that the power socket in the tablet may be faulty or loose from the systemboard.

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I have got NuVision TM116W725L 11.6” hybrid 2-in-1 it is totally dead except the top left corner red led blinking continuously. I tried to charge is more than 4 hours. but still dead. Is ther any one who can help me solving the problem?


Mine does the same thing


these nuvision tablets were POS i had one die within days returned it and had the replacement die within a few months after warranty had expired. just today years later took it out of the pile of crap and plugged it in and the blue charge light comes on but it wont power on.


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Press the power button and the volume down button for ten seconds. This tablet can be frustrating but it is one of the lowest priced versions on the market. Think "lowest bidder". It does what I bought it for - monitoring temperatures for my outdoor grill. During the times the built in wifi decides not to connect, I have a usb wifi adapter that fill in.

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I have one and the screen will flutter like flash from one thing to another any help


ok so, power does NOT come on. what does pushing the power button and volume button do to turn on the tablet? did you not read the question before jumping on the answer? The power does NOT come on. pushing the power button does nothing. maybe you need to go back to second grade and learn to read all over again...


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