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Cracked screen and not charging

I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 8" tablet with a cracked screen.

Recently it's also decided to stop charging.

I don't think they are linked or not but I could certainly do with some advice on fixing both problems.

Please can anyone help?

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SAdly this advice was for a thinkpad. The Yoga 2 I was referring to was the 8" tablet, which I still have and which still needs a new screen lol!


Hi! Chrissy

After 2 years, you are very close to your answer check this Ifixit tutorial...

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 830-F Motherboard Replacement


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Hi! Chrissy

You need to search for a A+ Certified Service Shop in your area but If you decide to do it for yourself, for your screen you need to buying a new one Verify in Ebay with the correct model and part number of your laptop and compare the photo with your laptop screen before you buying and select the best price for you (It is best if you disarm the screen before searching and buying to make sure it is correct part number)

This is the WEB address of the service manual of you computer according to your information,


Carefully read all intruction before servicing the computer On page 27 you can see information on battery and recharge faults, On page 87 start how to disarm and change the screen, Good Luck!!!

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