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The G2 mini is the little brother of the full sized LG G2. The device was released sometime in April 2014. It can be identified by the model numbers LG D620, LG D620R or LG D620K on the sticker behind the battery.

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How Can I transfer Apps to SD Card

I have run out of space and cannot download any more apps. How can I transfer existing apps to the SD card, which has most of the 32Gb available?

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It is an LG G2 mini LTE D620k


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Hi John,

Some Android apps can be moved to SD and some can't. If you go to Settings and then choose "Move to SD" can maybe save you some space.

From now on sav song, pics etc to SD if you haven't done already!

Hope that helped!

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MobileGo App would help you transfer apps to SD card easily. Just in one click. It's totally free and out of advertise.

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