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The Ear Force PX22 is a headset designed to provide the user with sound from games, music or movies as well as allow them to communicate through various chat programs. The headset was released by Turtle Beach in September of 2013.

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How can I use the headset with Skype?

My Turtle Beach PX22 works well with my gaming console, but how do I set it up on my PC, to use it with Skype?

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The 3.5 mm plug from the headset should be plugged into the in-line amplifier’s jack. The amplifier’s plug should then be connected to the headphone jack of the computer. The USB from the amplifier should be connected to a USB port in the computer. Continue to either Windows 7 or Mac if applicable.

Windows 7

After following the steps to connect the device to the computer, go to the Start menu and select the Control Panel. In the Control Panel select Sounds and make sure that you’re in the playback tab. Make the headset the default playback by right-clicking Turtle Beach PX22 headset and selecting “Set as Default Device”. Next go to the Recording tab, right-click on Turtle Beach PX22 microphone and choose“Set as Default Device”.


After connecting the device to the computer in the above steps, go to the Apple menu. In the Apple menu go to System Preferences and then Sounds. In Output select Turtle Beach PX22 as the default speakers. In the Input tab select Turtle Beach PX22 again as the default microphone.

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have the exact same and i have X12's try to do what he said which i had to read 5 times to fully understand.. but there's my TV and Realtech audio which is my computer speackers but they play out of my headset really confused.


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