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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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My iPhone 4 keeps restarting,?

My iPhone 4 keeps rebooting, and it only shows the apple logo. so i watched some videos on YouTube and they all said to plug my phone into the computer and get on i Tunes and restore it and i did and it didn't do anything different but now when it reboots its stuck on the I Tunes logo and the charger logo on the screen. and before all of this happened my I Phone said it was 1969 Dec. 31 and kept shutting off every 2-3 minutes so a lot of people say its the battery but i don't want to change the battery and it not be the problem

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I had the same problem with the phone randomly restarting or just shutting off. Even at 95% battery. I replaced the battery with the iphone 4 battery kit. It takes about 10 minutes (mostly fumbling with the teeny tiny screw and being careful to plug the battery connector back in properly. It worked great. No more issues.


1. turn on Airplane mode before you shut of the phone and replace the battery.

2. Stay calm and breathe.

3. Have a set of tweezers to help manipulate the battery connector into place.

4. be careful with the pressure switch. The pictures in the repair guide are great!

5. stay calm and breathe some more

6. after you have closed the case, turn the phone on and turn Airplane mode off.

7. After you power it on it may be searching for the network. Power it off and back on and it should connect.

Worked for me on both an iphone4 and an iphone 4S.

Good Luck!

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