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Part of Nokia's Lumia line of Windows smartphones. Announced July 2013.

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Battery not charging after screen replacement

The cracked screen was replaced and after reassembly it booted up normally.

Following that it is not recognised by a laptop for charging and did not power up normally after some time plugged in.

The battery is now flat and the phone unresponsive, what will fix this?

note: I also tried charging through another compatible micro to USB connector which did not work.

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I also have the same problem i have tried replacing the pcb or charger board after the digitizer was replace and still not working :S strange problem hope we find a fix!!!


Thanks Ben i did think that myself but wasn't sure. Anyway got one for £2 and it worked! So thanks again i probably wouldn't have bothered trying if you hadn't said that :)


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Check the flex cable connecting from the charger port to the logic board.

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The Nokia 7.2 ribbon cable is super sensitive. I had to use a micro telescope to see under the battery pack, because it pushes against the ribbon cable as it comes up to connect to the PCB. Slightest pressure, and connection fails. The CPB blue hot plate blue assembly pad was perfect to help with the fix


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