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A portable e-book reader developed by Amazon. Repair is straightforward and requires only prying tools and screwdrivers.

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Low battery warning alert

Hooked up to recharge, a low battery image appeared with a USB image pointing to a power source. After 30+ hours, nothing has happened?

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If you have any warranty coverage for your device try to have it replaced before attempting any reapir on your own. In addition, it may sound stupid, but try shutting off the Paperwhite and restarting. Hold the power button down until the screen goes completely blank. Then restart it.

You could have a malfunctioning wall outlet adapter, a damaged USB cord, a damaged USB port on the Paperwhite, or a bad battery. You will have to swap some things around to find the trouble.

If you are charging using a wall outlet adapter try connecting to a computer or laptop with the USB cord, or if you are charging from a computer or laptop try charging from a wall outlet adapter. Try a different USB cord if you have one.

If none of this changes anything and if the Paperwhite is not recognized when you plug it into a computer or laptop you may have a damaged USB port on your Paperwhite. Has the cord been yanked while charging? Has the Paperwhite been dropped? Does the USB port feel loose when you insert or remove the cord? A damaged USB socket may require a replacement motherboard to repair.

If none of this finds the trouble you may have a bad battery. Has the Paperwhite been exposed to high temperatures, left in direct sun, or left in a parked car on a sunny day? Any of these could kill the battery.

If you have no warranty coverage and are feeling adventurous have a look at the guides on this page before attempting a repair.

Kindle Paperwhite

Replacement batteries are available while replacement motherboards are harder to come by.

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