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A garage door opener is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors and is controlled by switches on the garage wall.

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Can I use a universal Programable Remote

I am wondering if I can use a universal programmable remote with this garage door opener? The remote says it works with sears and craftsman opener that were made after 1997. I do not know when the opener was made and I just purchased the house and it did not come with any remotes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, Brian, I’m having the exact same problem. My partner & I are getting started in the Fix & Flipp industry, we bought a place and yes, it has one of the older discontinued Sear Door Openers. I’m still searching for a remote, I’m heading to Lowe’s now to price a universal Liftmaster brand. Craftsman took over Sears then had a name change to Liftmaster far as their garage door and gate openers as well as some appliance replacement parts. Wish me luck will drop you a line if it works. If you find out something before I do will appreciate the heads up .


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