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This is a Notebook by Acer. Within this document you will have access to guides and a troubleshooting page. This will hopefully allow you to solve issues you may be having with your Notebook.

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forgot the hdd password. How to Recover?

I have acer aspire 5742 Laptop.

I set the bios password and hdd password in the bios menu.

Now I forgot tow to get the password / How to Erase the hdd?

Please help me...

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I've had my Acer for less than 4 months and cannot get to my desktop let alone the internet. I asked a tech from the Norton's website to check if my viris protection was still working, and instead he puloed a box up on my desktop page and had me put some numbers in it........nothing happened, but after signing off I've been unable to get back to my page. It tells me my password is incorrect......I've used it the entire time and cant figure out what they want. I'e called Acer but they transfer my call to a support site that will charge me, si I am locked out. I am writing this from my Tablet. I wisgh someone would give an answer to help this..


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You could try a couple of things.

One: open up the back cover under which you will find the hard drive, the memory, and the CMOS 2032 battery. Carefully remove the battery, I've seen folks mangle the battery holder my trying to pry it out from the wrong end. Keep the battery out for a few minutes (no idea why really) and then replace it in its holder. Carefully again. If unsure about any of the battery steps I'm sure there are several videos on YouTube to tutorial you through the process.

This might reset your BIOS. At least it's supposed to. Check and see.

Two: Clear the CMOS jumper as described on page 195 of the Acer Aspire 5742 manual with pictures. This is pretty sure to whack the BIOS password.

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