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Released November 2013, Model Number RCT6077W2, 4GB Storage, 7" Touchscreen.

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Why does my tablet keep freezing?

I will be checking my email on my tablet and it will freeze. I try turning it on and off but that doesn't seem to help.

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My tablet won't charge


How to I solve this problem?


Won't hold power long


i cant get the key board to work it want take #' s or certain letters


i can,t get pass the code pattern


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We've covered this to a degree in our troubleshooting page, but there are many possibilities. Most of them will end up coming back to a motherboard issue if the tablet freezes consistently. If it just happens occasionally, but only when using the same program, you may need to try reinstalling the program or using a different one.

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It just shows battery and it won't charge


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Same question can't use swipe or screen with manusl moves on the tablet screen itself

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