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Released in March, 2013. Identified by model L120 or Life One.

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My phone fell into water am not able to use again

if the phone falls into water, what do i do to get it back.thanks

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Mine fell in water and I put it in rice but when I turn it on it comes on and turns back off it does it every day even today I need help fixing it


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A water damaged phone will generally need complete disassembly to clean corrosion from the circuit board. Simply drying it out will not remove the corrosion, and the corrosion, once started will continue to get worse.

Unfortunately, replacement parts for the Blu phones are pretty scarce. And water damage will require at least an hour of work plus possible replacement parts. You have to balance out the cost of this vs. buying a new phone. Blu phones are generally cheaper to replace than to fix. Unfortunately, this means more toxic e-waste in landfills.

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