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The 2008-2014 (fifth generation) Honda City was unveiled in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2008. In South Africa, the Honda City is called the Honda Ballade.

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How to update 2014 Honda City's Infotainment system for CarPlay?

I have a 2014 HONDA City. One of the I/O interfaces is an HDMI port. This allows some apps to run on the screen (E.g. Waze, AppRadio etc).

How can I update the Infotainment System for compatibility with CarPlay?

Is there a way to get the full CarPlay functionality?

How can I update my infotainment system to a newer version?

The issue is that I am currently living in UAE, and the dealerships/service providers do not know anything about CarPlay, let alone help me with this question.

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need solfware update


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After a long search, it turns out that this system can’t simply be updated via software to include CarPlay or Android Auto.

However I found an alternative which is decent, but not perfect.

I’m not sure if there are other systems like this out there, and I have also yet to try this personally. But it’s a good workaround if you want to try it yourself.

(got this solution thanks to Reddit)

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Honda says its a new system and you can not update. Is that true.

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Yes, unfortunately, I believe this is the case.


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There's also ++++

as another possible solution, though I don't have much information about it.

Remember to research and check reviews before making a decision.

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