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Released in February 2012, by model number DSC-H55

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Why are my image colors not correct?

Each time I take a photo, my pictures do not look correct. The image colors are completely wrong.

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The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H55 has several different setting options. If a photo is taken using the wrong setting, the image can be effected. Before taking a photo make sure you are using the right settings. Many of the settings options depend on the background where the photo takes place. Keep in mind that the lighting in the background has a significant impact on the outcome of the photo. If you are taking a photo on a sunny day, make sure the setting used corresponds. If you are taking a photo on a dull rainy day, make sure the appropriate setting is being used. The Cyber-shot also contains an auto setting that may come in handy to those who do not have as much knowledge with cameras. The auto white balance setting can be used to automatically adjust the lighting to help maintain accurate image colors.

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