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Gateway makes quality notebooks, laptops, and netbooks. Owned by Acer Group.

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My gateway laptop is not connecting to wireless internet

i think my wireless card is broken .its not working but my wired internet is not working . please help ?

should i replace my wireless card ?

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there should be a sliding switch on the very side or back of it, bottom part with keyboard, check to make sure its in the on position. If it is, try looking for a Reset Wifi driver on gateways website, it would be able to set the "wall" of wifi back up.

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just try following steps that might help -

just reset the adapter settings in wireless device and update the wireless driver and make sure time and date is also correct in computer . also check the wireless password and for more visit gateway and see if this works for you . let me know if you need anymore help

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I was told locally that this is an endemic problem and can't be repaired. Can a used computer be scavenged for the bad part.?

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My laptop won't work either wired or wi fi. If it is just the io card can that be replaced?


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