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The Sony Xperia Tablet S is an Android based Tablet that was released on September 7, 2012.

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Factory Reset not working - stuck on Blue Flame

My Sony Xperia S SGPT121 is stuck on the blue flame. When I power it on it shows the Sony Screen, then the Xperia Screen, than the blue flame running from left to right... and this continues for hours. I can force a shut-down by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

I tried the factory reset (Volume-up + Power-on, release Power-on at Sony Screen) but it is not going to the setup screen. It has no effect at all - simply going from Sony Screen to Xperia Screen to blue flame....

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I do have the same problem

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I got the same issu and I reset it but issue still exsist


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I have the same issue

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I found no solution and finally bought a tablet with broken screen on ebay and combined the electronics from the tablet with the broken screen with the screen from my tablet.

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