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The iVIEW-754TPC has a 7 inch display touchscreen and runs Android 4.0. Some repairs require soldering and careful prying. Released in 2012.

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My screen is cracked, how easy is it to repair?

I dropped my tablet and the screen has multiple cracks running right through the middle of the touch screen, is there anyway I can replace the screen?

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It depends on how experienced you are with these type of things. You are going to need a heat gun, spudger, and patience.

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This screen is fairly easy to replace. You will not need a heat gun, since the LCD display and digitizer are not fused together. However, you will need to remove all of the components on the inside to get to the digitizer.

For this repair you will need the plastic opening tool, a screwdriver, tweezers and a spudger. First you will used the plastic opening tool to take the back case of the tablet off. Then use the spudger to free the battery from the glue that is holding it down (but be careful not to tear off the soldered wires connected to the logic board). To remove the logic board you will need to find the 5 screws and take them out. Then you will use the tweezers to gently remove the tape holding the wifi antenna down, and also to disconnect the digitizer. Now the logic board with the battery can be removed, and you can set that off to the side. For the last step, take the plastic opening tools to remove the LCD display from the clips which are keeping it connected to the digitizer. You will now be able to reassemble everything with a new digitizer.

You can use the digitizer replacement guide to see step-by-step instructions with photos on how to replace the screen.

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I can't find what I am looking for. Iview suprapad screen. Not the top screen but the one under. The touch screen has a crack as well but I turn it on and its no image. Just that its broke. Need help please

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