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A child-safe tablet that comes preloaded with several educational apps for learning.

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How to solve a frozen display?

My tablet's display froze up and the touch screen is unresponsive?

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Mine is stuck on the emetic screen (powered by android)…as if it is powering on but never changes. I have held down the power button….nothing. I have used the reset on the back. Nothing. I want this dang thing to work!


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Try turning the device off by holding down the power button. If this does not work, try resetting the device using the reset button located on the back of the device.

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I did this but it did not work screen is still unresponsive I try to swipe lock like I ways did before to open it the screen is still unresponsive. Please help my daughter is really sad she uses the learning apps on the tablet and it really helps with school I can't afford another one right now please help thank you.


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