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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation of Chevy G-Series vans. Similar vans were produced under the GMC brand. Both used suspension and steering parts from GM's C-series pickup trucks.

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My P 30 van's flashers, dash panel, tail and brake lights do not work.

My lights,tail, brake, dash and flashers do not work. When I turn the lights on sometimes for about 30 seconds they come on but always go out. Sometimes I'll have brake lights but they never stay on much longer. I've changed all the fuses twice now. I've been trying to run shorts down but I am now at a wits end.I have also changed the light switch and ingnition switch. Help. I have a very limited income and I live in my chevy

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If anyone can make a suggestion, other than replacing the whole wiring harness and fuse box. I would deeply appreciate it. Anything that may lead me to the right answer.


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Check the ground connection, if worst come to worst, get some wire and jump the ground all the way back to the battery. Older vehicles often have tenuous ground connections if things have rusted or been in an accident. once you know its not the ground for a section of devices, start continuity testing all the way out to the component not working. But it’s likely the ground. Or actually check the hot wire first: is it hot? if not, hook it back up.

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