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The Optoma HD20 is a home theater projector that has a 1080p resolution that was released August 2009. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Why is my device constantly overheating?

Lately, my Optoma HD 20 has been getting really overheated a few minutes after powering up. It hasn't always had this problem. I just noticed it recently. What should I do?

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Your device may be overheating because the fan is dirty or the fan is broken. You filter may also be clogged and dirty which is preventing the fan from running correctly which results in overheating.

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apart from the fans , u also need to double check the qulaity of the lamp that you replaced lately [ if you have ]

if yes , then thats the answer to ur problem!

try and get a genuine lamp, will save ur projector's optical engine in the longer run!


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