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Life Play, by Blu, released in April 2013, also known as BLU100a or BLU100i, depending on the 3G frequencies it gets.

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My blue life play stopped charging.

I dropped my phone and the top right has a small crack. then couple days later I tried charging it and it wouldn't charge. and then I took it to the store where I bought the phone and asked them why my phone won't charge. they took a look at it and told me my charging port broke. then they gave me a address and phone number for the onsite cell repair in Houston, TX. I tried calling them but I didn't get an answer. what do I do?

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Had the same problem with my BLU Life Play X, and I didnt once drop it or get water on it. The charging port simply quit working. I think this is a recurring problem with BLU manufactured phones, I'm on my second phone from them within the past year and they simply do not last longer than 6 months (based off my own experience.) What I was able to do as a temporary fix was to bend the USB charging part (The silver part that plugs into the phone)just enough to get it to charge. Eventually I had to lean it against something and put weight on it to get a response from the phone. It doesnt help much but will charge your phone temporarily enough to save your pictures and videos before you need a replacement.

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will it still work if the charging port came off?


I'm not sure--I dont think so, but you can give it a try.


nvm, I tried it, it didn't work, i'll just have to wait to fix it, do you know a place where I can send my phone to so they can fix it?


Nowhere that I know of, unless you maybe take to Best Buy or a similar store?


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