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The second generation Moto X (marketed as moto X) is an Android smartphone developed by Motorola Mobility. Released on September 5, 2014, it is the successor to the original Moto X released in 2013. Model numbers XT1097, XT1096, XT1095, and XT 1093.

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G-sensor have broken Moto X 2gen

I am a happy owner of moto X 2014, but after my toddler had thrown it on the floor, from aproximately 60 sm high, the G-sensor have broken.

As a result I don't have autorotate & camera stuck in one position.

How can I solve this problem? Do I need to change the G-sensor or this problem could be fixed some other way?

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Replacing it is more or less impossible, so that's out of the question.

First you should download an app to check what sensors still work, if the compass and accelerometers are also dead, you are probably screwed as the IC may have fallen off.

Only way to do it in this case would be through warranty and pretend you don't know anything about dropping it.

If it's only the gyro though;

A gyro sensor is partially mechanical, on a micron scale so there's a possibility one of its little arms have stuck to the edge of the IC.

There is a small chance you could get it to work again by tapping the phones edge against a hard surfare, could try on the opposite side of where it crashed into the floor if you can figure out what side that was. Worked on my old XT720.

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bjornolean tonsen, thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I had the same problem as Alena and what you said helped me, my acelerometer broke, I tapped the edge of the smartphone against my knee and this fixed it as magic! thank you!


my accelerometer is broken as well. its y-axis is fixed on -156.906 m/s2. i am tapping on the opposite site right now. NOT WORKING. but not loosing hope. will try again.


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Excelent! Just fixed my gyroscope tapping it on different edges. Thank you!


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Hi, I've tried tapping the back and dropping it from 6inches but no luck :( My Y-axis is stuck.

Could you be a little specific and where & how hard did you tap the edges so I can try the same.

Thanks :)

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I had the same problem today with my Moto X 2nd gen. Dropped the phone from chair: height = 20 cm.

I read here:

slapping on the back of the phone( middle or a bit low in my case) fixed my problem. I just slapped 3 to 4 times moderately. and it works for me. (now I can sleep with peace...)

This is funny though: (read the comments as well before trying any thing)

Obviously, I take no responsibility for further damage resulting from following any actions as mentioned or linked. Try them at your own risk.

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Thanks I fixed by tapping other side too.

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