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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Blank + red screen after screen replacement

I replaced a heavily cracked screen with this from ebay:

The phone worked for a week, then the screen went blank/black but phone still on, receiving calls and messages etc.

I then disassembled the phone/screen, going over all connections etc, disconnected battery, doing all kinds of hard resets etc.

When turning it on, the Apple logo appears for a few seconds, then the screen turns blank/black, but it is apparently booting up, it registers in iTunes. Itunes says it needs to be restored, and begins the process, but when the flashing starts(after backup and downloading of ROM), the screen turns all red for a second and then the phone resets, followed by an error message in iTunes (9).

I have also downloaded stock IPSW and tried to restore but with the samme happening with red screen/error message.

I do not have another phone to test the screen with, or another screen to test on the phone with at the moment.

Does this point to defective screen? Logic board? Flec cable(s)?

Any suggestions/help GREATLY appreciated!

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I don't know--but I'd be worried about long screw damage....

here's my case from last week:

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Thank you for the feedback.. i was seriously hoping it wouldnt turn out to be screw damage, but..

Being a n00b (just started phone repairs), maybe you could take a look at the linked photos of the screw terminals, and if you think they verify this or not:


BTW - if it shows that I have ruined the logic board; is it possible to get a new one? Are these being sold new? Or do i have to hope for a used phone with intact logic board to come up for sale? Is the logic board 'linked' to the rest of the phone, or will a replacement work smoothly?


2nd and 3rd don't look good, buying a new logic board is not a viable option. they can not just be bought. if it turns out to me logic board damage and not repairable your best solution is to sell the phone for parts, send the new lcd back and sell the lcd cracked (lcd still works so glass can be replaced by a pro, it's harder on the iPhone 6)


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