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Device repair and troubleshooting for the Corsair Vengeance M65 Mouse.

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How do I disable the scroll wheel clicking for smooth scrolling

I need to disable the scroll wheel clicking for smooth scrolling. I want to be able to just spin the wheel and there is no clicking or bumps. Is this possible and if so how is it done? If not, can anyone recommend a good mouse with smooth scroll? I already tried the Logitech G502 and it has wheel balance issues.

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hi just curious with the bottom plate of the mouse what screw bit did you use to remove the two small screws? thanks


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Hi Xe Roy,

if you look at this picture here

you see the scrollwheel in the middle. From it an axis on the lower side goes into a part, inside of which the sensor contacts for the movement of the scrollwheel are located on the underside of that black plasticwheel. On the upper side this wheel has marginal notches, where, as the scrollwheel turns, a protrusion in the metal washer at the upper side of the black plastic wheel snaps in, which gives the clicking. Maybe you could remove that metal washer, or flatten its nose. But this might be a difficult transaction.

Good luck,


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I've done it today. Got sick of that clicking and imprecise scrolling. I disassembled it and just flattened the bump on the washer. 5 minutes of work and it is much better now!!! Not as good as Logitech's 2 modes wheel, but it is definitely much better now!


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The answer by @dingdong is great! It worked on my Corsair Sabre RGB. The screw are hidden under the pads, though. You have to press for indentations to discover them. The screws are not conventional - Torx T6.

I flattened the washer that ratchets along in that little notched wheel and it made my scrolling buttery smooth. I don’t know why Corsair does that because the ratcheting works against smooth and precise scrolling.

Of course it’s no solution to Windows. Trying to scroll in Windows Explorer is as hopeless as it has been since the mouse wheel was invented. It still jumps line by line and it is impossible for the eye to follow, especially if you’re trying to scroll a folder with large or extra large image icons. You always give up and grab the handle on the scroll bar. Even then it’s a bit jumpy and it always leaves you frustrated because you know from browser scrolling how good it could be. Wish I had a fix for that.

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