Can you replace the 8800 GS card with an ATI 4850?

I have an iMac EMC2211 A1225 with a dead Nvidia 8800 GS, my question is can you replace/upgrade the card with the top of the line card from the following generation iMac (Early 2009), which is the ATI 4850? Both iMacs have model numbers A1225 and Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Currently a new 8800 and a new 4850 are the same price and I was thinking of upgrading for reliability.

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Did some digging and found my answer.

According to Wikipedia there are actually two INCOMPATIBLE MXM versions, "Generation 1", and "Generation 2". (

"Generation 1" MXM are ALL (MXM based) iMacs until end 2008.

"Generation 2" MXM are ALL (MXM based) iMacs from early 2009.

Therefore, it is NOT POSSIBLE that an Geforce GT 120 / 130 or Radeon 4850 card will fit physically into an earlier iMac before 2009.


Brooklyn Sprint, is it possible to replace the graphics card on an EMC 2211 or 2134 at all? As far as I know it is possible to replace it on an EMC2267 (early 2009)... However, all three iMacs carry the label A1225. Thanks for your help.


As far as I can tell the entry level models that had an ATI 2400 XT card had the card soldered to the logic and can't be replaced on its own, but if your machine came with an ATI 2600 PRO or the Nvidia 8800 GS then yes the card is replaceable. I've read of people downgrading their 2008 machines from the Nvidia cards to ATI for reliability's sake, but I don't know if you can upgrade a 2007 machine to a Nvidia 8800.


You have to use an OEM supported (option) GPU card. Due to EFI (aka bios) and Extension (aka driver) issues with trying to use any other card.


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