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Replaced keyboard not working


I replaced my keyboard on my MacBook pro 17" 2011 (early)

Backlight is on , keys feel great, power button works...

But the keyboard itself will not type.

I am waiting on a new trackpad ribbon ... I ripped mine by accident.

I checked the ribon connection to the logic board cleaned it with ISO but still the same.


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But yet recognizes the keyboard when I do a pram reset then when I go put in my password the keyboard doesn't work


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Are you sure you got the correct Top Case (Apple P/N 661-5041) or 3rd party keyboard? Apple has different keyboards per region.

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I thought I did the seller said years 09-11

The only problem. W my old one was the a popped off and the metal bracket to hold it broke ..

I am thinking of taking a hair of superglue and gluing the key to the rubber thing


i put my old keyboard in and it is doing the same thing


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