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First-generation Apple iPad with 3G capabilities. Model Number A1337. Available with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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spilled water got inside

In short, water got inside my iPad, but is still working normally. Problem is - some area of the screen are showing brighter shades like sun spots.... :(

Has anyone solved this kind of problem?

I plan to open up the screen and blow dry it using a hair dryer. Will this work?


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Thanks for the quick response and advice !!! really appreciate it.

it has been 3 days now since it happened. Yes, the screen did improve from day 1. But as of this day, no improvement can be seen..:(

I actually left it out in the sun to hasten the drying process, it got hot sure enough because when I tried to boot up, the ipad warns me of high internal heat and not proceeding to boot up.

Guess, I'll just have to wait for a few more days before opening it up and clean it with a microfiber as suggested by Markus.

How fragile are the LCD screen and the diffuser?

Is there a teardown illustration on how to take apart the LCD from the diffuser to clean it?

Thanks again..

More power!!!


By the way, how does the diffuser looks like? I understand it must be placed behind the LCD. Is it the white color backing of the LCD?


The heat could come from shorted parts - so maybe you have to open the ipad anyway and clean the logicboards and the connectors with isopropyl alcohol (>90%) and a soft paintbrush, look out for white/greenisch residue on the small parts - that stuff is conductive and a result of the fluid damage. thre is no teardown of the lcd - but they are all alike. the back foil is only a "reflector" - normally there should come a thick piece of plastic. i searched a little bit and found a page with a disassembled lcd, shure - no ipad - but you can see whats inside the lcd (CLICK).

the best way to handle such a cleaning process is laying the display assembly on its face and try to get in from behind, that way you can not bend it that easy.


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don't use a hair dryer - it could make things worse

dieassemble it like shown in the teardown

the lcd is assembled from different parts, the water is between the actual lcd and the reflector/diffusor foils behind the lcd.

it's enough to disassemble it (very) carefully and clean it with a microfibre cloth - but be very careful with the lcd - they can crack pretty fast

but as gabe mantioned - you can let it dry and those spots can go away - if not, the cleaning wortks - but it's not easy at all

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thanks again Markus for your help, really appreciated it! :)


you're welcome


How long will it take to dry? I've had mine in rice for a week.and I'm still.seeing water spots...


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When this happened to my phone, it eventually disappeared as it dried off. Some spots may remain but for now, let it dry off. And theres not much to do if it stays anyway...

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Thanks also Gabe...


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Idea: I hear that, for the iPhone and similar devices, putting the unit in dry (uncooked) rice for a few days may help absorb the moisture from the device. For the iPad, try a gallon-size zip-top bag and a generous amount of rice. Also keeping it in a warm place may hasten the moisture absorption.

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Place in a bag of rice this really works, i have fixed a few iphones using this method but you have to do this quickly.


I have two girls (Girlfriend and daughter) in my house. I had to quit buying cells phones and iPods or I else I would've have been in for financial ruin.

The submerged phones and iPod's always, and I mean immediately, went into a bowl of uncooked rice. I've had good luck. Hope you do too.


I'm with Allen on that, rice absorbs moisture, I've never had to try it myself since I just blast everything with an air duster can, but for future reference rice can always be given a shot. Leave it in rice for a good 24-48 hours to play it safe.


Don't Leave it in Rice! AS it Can Clog Up Charger inputs and can get inside of the iPad and make corrosion inside it making it worse. i would suggest AppleSupport™


Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.


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So does rice ALWAYS work?For me the water was in there for a week and started to condensate behind the screen two days in

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