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The wi-fi only version of Apple's iPad Air, model number A1474. Available in Space Gray or Silver, it packs the custom A7 processor and ships in 16, 32, 64, and 128 GB configurations.

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Screen became very dark during replace front glass.


I was fixing my I pad Air and before fixing screen was normal and I had to wait to fix it to get new parts.

then after fixing LCD became very dark.....can see something but icons are too dark to recognize.

Did I damage somewhere? where should I fix?

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Unlike the iPad mini or even the iPad 2, the iPad Air rarely loses its backlight. I repair mail-in backlight problems every day and I've only ever seen 2 Air backlights that were board related.

A backlight filter change is not an expensive repair to send out for, it is more of a tool. If you try to do microsoldering without the right tools it is easy to ruin the board.

First, like Eric suggests, you should try a hard reset--or just lift the board up off the battery to reset it. That will solve most problems that are not related to the LCD itself. There are quality vendors that have fantastic return policies if you want to just try a new LCD. Stay away from eBay and Amazon for parts and you'll do fine.


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This is most likely a board level issue at this point if you have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the LCD. Sometimes the LCD backlight itself will be the problem but usually this case arises from board damage caused during repair. Usually a filter or resistor knocked off the board. Try the common troubleshooting steps first, such as resetting the ipad and checking all connections, and maybe try a replacement LCD if you have a shop near you that can help. Other than that, it will most likely be board level and a trip to the apple store for replacement. Another option, which I have not personally tried, is to contact the people at for help. They do a lot of board level repair work and can help you out, and will always be cheaper than the apple store. Honestly, the only time that it is worth visiting the Apple store is if you are at a mall and waiting on your wife to finish shopping, it's a good way to kill a few hours. Other than that, buy online or repair locally!

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Thank you for your detailed comments and suggestions on this matter.

I really appreciate it.

Well, if the LCD has the souse of this problem, no choice I have to get it.

But If I gave some damage on logic is just nightmare.

I wanna fix it by my self. Usually I get repair parts from China so, I might be able to get logic board from there if I have to change it.

before fixing there are no problem with LCD so,...what do you think?

should I get LCD or logic broad?


Well, the logic board is the iPad pretty much, so you won't find one as cheap as a part, per say. Also, you may run into a board that has an iCloud lock on it, and then be out money and time. I would weigh the pros and cons of getting a new motherboard, and check the pricing out compared to the cyberdoc's mail in service. If you have data, photos etc on your device, this will be your best option. Then again, this is just my humble opinion :)


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Very simple repair. Hold the power button down until the "Slide To Power Off" screen shows up. Give it several seconds to shutdown then push the Power button to restart it. You get a bright screen again.

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I guess that depends on what the problem is with the iPad. Powering it off and then turning it back on solved my problem with a very dim display after replacing the LED glass cover. When I restarted the iPad, the LED display was as bright as new.

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You short the lcd connector when plug in the main board. 2 diods (called D8228 & D8258 //pmeg 4010bea sod323 -cost app. 0,5$ for each) and/or 2 coils shut be burnt. If not, next two parts are L7080 & L7085. Cost app 0,5$ for each. If You know some about microsoldering - repair is easy and shut cost few $. If not, take of m.board from and go to electronic repair shop. Cost... 15-20$. Cost of repair apple serw. or phone street rep shop- 120$ diagnostics and 150$ repair :) If you get this way- more better is sold as is on ebay and buy brand new.

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