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Repair guides and support for the HTC EVO Design 4G, model PH44100. This is a four-inch Android smartphone released in 2011.

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Wifi not turning on.

Wifi not turning on. I tried to turn on my WiFi in the settings and it would say "turning on" then stop and say error, no mac addres, i reinstalled the firmware, did not help

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I am not a professional phone repair technician by any means however I am familiar with taking apart and putting Laptops back together.

A word of warning, I wouldn't suggest you personally take apart your phone unless you feel confident enough to do so, or if your phone is still under warranty. Use the warranty option first before following the rest of this comment.

Aside from the above, and the fact my warranty expired. I tried my hand at taking apart my HTC Evo Design 4G from boost and as I was taking it apart I noticed what looks like an antenna like structure you would find for your Wireless card on your laptop. After Removing one end and moving the other and having reassembled the entire lot my Wi-fi started to work.

To be more specific :

Removing the top and bottom of of the main case

Removal of the battery tray

You should see a small grey cord on the bottom right Near the charging port.

Its really easy to pop it off don't worry you won't break it by removing it

- Before you reassemble the wire after removing it I would suggest cleaning the connection ends on the main phone structure with a can of air if you have it. Placement near the charge port means it can get dirty as well as come loose from to much jostling or shock from being dropped.

- Make sure you are careful to pop it back in though as there is a tiny structure inside that wire that goes into the main structure.

- Reassemble the entire lot and it should work. Rather after doing this on my phone I managed to fixed my Wi-Fi issue.

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