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Released on July 21, 2011. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Thunderbolt. This unit is also used to run the Mac mini Server configuration.

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How to remove logic board?

In the teardown it just show someone putting two screwdrivers into the blind holes and the comment that this saves the Apple-special-tool ("logic board removal tool", probably just a joke).

When I insert a screwdriver or whatever into these blind holes, I can touch the ground of the case on the other side, but I don't feel they can move anything.

How should this work exactly?

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Here's the tool they are talking about:

Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool

Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool Afbeelding


Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool


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that is used as a way to push the logic board out the back. all you do is

1. make sure the back of the mac mini if facing you.

2. make 100% sure that you have got all the screws ( the tear down missed some screws).

3. make 100% sure that you have disconnected everything (i broke the clip to my IR sensor by not paying attention)

4. put two screw drivers in the holes and pull towards you

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So the holes are actually not needed? I could just move the logic board somewhere else also? This didn't work for me.


yea thats what i did.



Could you please post a picture of what screws that should be removed?

Would appreciate it!

/ Viktor


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I successfully used a small 2mm Allen key to detach the logic board. You shouldn't use anything tightly fitting, since, from what I understand, it's a levering action: fixed point is at the bottom of the case while the two holes in the logic board move to the back (connectors side). You can even get away with a single key/screw driver, if you alternate carefully.

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How do u know what screws were missed?


@Lou Capozzoli - The issue is not screws! The logic board is like a stuck drawer in a desk.

The Allen key is used to gain leverage to hold the logic board so you can ease it out. I prefer the proper tool Mac mini Logic Board Removal Tool that way its safer from slipping which could damage your logic board.

Review this guide Mac mini Late 2012 Logic Board Replacement jump down to Step 15 which shows what's needed using the tool. The guide will weals you through the needed screws and other connections which need to be dealt with before sliding out the logic board.


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