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The fourth Google Nexus smartphone, released November 13, 2012.

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Connection to home wifi.

We have 2 Nexus 4 phones and have considerable difficulty in getting them to connect to our home wifi. The phone shows 'wifi on' and 'connected' to our router but we can't get/read emails or use any websites. The blue line goes along about a cm then freezes. No problems with Nexus 7 tablet (which doesn't have a sim) and our BP desktop uses the same router with no problems. Have tried a reset and we don't have them all on at the same time. Any help appreciated

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go to your nexus anf "forget" the network then retry to connect. before you forget the network, check the setting of your wifi connection (it showld be DHCP)

the settings probably look like:




DNS: well, here you can try to insert as a DNS or, if your router works, let

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