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MacBook has no video and I need to test logic board?

I have a broken macbook and I want to remove the parts and test them to see which ones are still working. I want to try to sell them. What tools would I need and where could I get them for the cheapest price? I already know the battery isn't functional so I'm not looking into testing that. I also want to sell the keys on the macbook as replacement keys and am wondering if the keys on this mac are largely universal and could work on any model? I bought this broken macbook to scrap it but I have a mid 2010 unibody and compared the keys. They seemed mostly the same, just a few keys looked different. Still not sure though. Any help would be appreciated. I'm very new at this, if you can't tell.

Also, when the computer is plugged into an AC, it does power on. I just can't get it to boot all the way up to the home screen. It just shows a flashing file, which makes me think there is no software loaded onto the computer. However, if that flashing file on the screen indicates anything about the parts and whether or not they work, please add that in as well.

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The flashing foldeer with a question mark tell you that it can't find a valid operating system. There may not even be a hard drive.

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You test parts by trying them in a working laptop, no magic tool to tell if an optical drive or a wifi card works but a motherboard to hook it up to! Same for most everything else.

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