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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Acer Aspire 5750. This is a 2012 Aspire budget laptop aimed at the casual household user or for small business use.

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My fan stop working and my lappy over heated

my fan juz stop working and i cant play game coz my lappy will be overheated..wat should i do?? can i fix it by myself or i need 2 buy a new fan..

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As Justin said... the fan should spin, if it's spinning but not cooling the laptop you need to clean it, if the laptop is still overheating you need to replace the thermal paste. if the fan doesn't spin at all install a new fan

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If you have the problem that “jamilahmadlutfi231208” then “STOP” using your laptop immediately, as you will cook your processor and damage the laptops mainboard!!!

To replace the fan you have to completely remove the mainboard (which is quite an extensive job) here is a really good guide, its titled “ACER ASPIRE 5750 5750G take apart, disassemble, how to open, video disassembly” its at:

Hope this helps everyone that needs to open their Aspire 5750’s. Btw I’ve done this many times as I’ve replaced my HDD to an SSD, my mainboard to the 5750G’s NVIDIA GT 540M board and its more extensive fan/cooler and I’ve also replaced the bottom casing (as the old one broke at where the top/screen hinges attach) and also I have replaced the processor to an i7-2860QM, the WiFi card to a WiFi/BT 2.4/5G 4.0Bt card and the keyboard also, as you can see, I’ve done some major surgery to my 8 years old Aspire 5750 and it works unbelievably fast, all that I’ve listed are a great combination that works, it makes the 5750 a very fast and usable laptop at a fraction of the cost, to keep up with the latest Win-10 Pro v1809 and beyond, plus, its fun to do.

Please Note: you have to be careful as the bottom case and the screen that fix the loaded hinge of the screen, are fragile and can break its case mountings, hence, you would have to replace the laptops bottom case, as you wont be able to fix the screen, which is a major job. Also, the keyboard (if its been replaced with an unoriginal one) is a bit hard to remove (after its been installed) and could cause a problem and could scratch/dent the top cover but, this is not the same if you still have the original keyboard as that is very easy to remove.

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