Samsung's 5th-generation Android-based Galaxy smartphone was released April 11, 2014. Improvements to the phone include a fingerprint scanner, updated camera, larger display, and water resistance. It is available in four different colors; black, blue, white, and copper.

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Screen or LCD display replacement?

My s5 screen is broken and I was looking at replacing it but was unsure if I is just the glass or the whole LCD display. How would I know which one to replace?

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Are you able to use the phone and see what is displayed on the LCD with mere cracks along the screen?

Or is the LCD completely black and/or discolored?

If it is just a crack and you can still see what is on the screen, then it's most likely just an LCD front glass repair. But if the LCD is black/discolored display then you would have to look into replacing the LCD display.

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my s5 fell down and its protector glass was broken too, but the lcd is healthy. but suddenly after 2 monthes the screen turns off.totally black! but the mobile is on !

i do not now the problem is the lcd or its mother board. help me please


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Glass only is super super difficult even for pros

If your doing yourself then a lcd replacement would be easier but more expensive

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