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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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Note3: possible to replace the antenna with one that functions better

I'm trying to find a way to either replace with a better or possibly make a better antenna for the note 3. Probably a long shot but still worth a try.

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You can replace with a piece of new antenna flex cable especially for Note 3, but i am not sure if it's better than your old one.

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Thanks Sophia, seeing the flex cable itself on a teardown led me to the idea in the 1st place. Now I'm looking into everything I can on how this small wire works . It seems that the quick connects could be coupled to an entirely independent and externally powered antenna or to an external coaxial connect . This would be all that was needed...


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Please share details if you made any progress.

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