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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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Bluetooth range issues on ATT Note 3


I have started experiencing bluetooth range issues on my note 3 where I can't move the phone more than 2.5 ft and in direct line of site from whatever bluetooth device I'm connected to otherwise it will lose signal, if I move the phone closer within say 5 seconds the signal is re-established. If I wait too long the connection is lost all together. I have tried flashing multiple different roms and multiple different versions of the firmware for the bluetooth radio. I have even flashed back to the stock ATT rom. Is there anyway to debug this from a software perspective? Can I change out a bluetooth chip or antenna? I've done a lot of googling with very little success.

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Did you ever get this issue fixed? I have the same problem with my new Note 5. Had it with my Note 2 but reflashing the phone fixed it. Reflashing the Note 5 didn't work.

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