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A high-end PC workstation by HP, released in April of 2012.

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Why my fan speed and noise increse after win7 64 boots up?

Hello, i have bought a z820 workstation 15 days ago with liquid cooling system. On the first weeks when i was turning the power on everything was really quite and peaceful, no fan noise, (it was feeling like the workstation was off!)that's why i chose liquid cooling in the first place.


My problem now(after 15 days) is that every time i turn on the computer the noise of the fans are really annoying and the noise is getting louder especially when windows loads!

I have updated the bios to the latest version(and set the fans to the lower spin setting), i have remove hard disks from the machine to minimize watt, i change the power option settings from high to low to super saver, i have clean the board with air/spray duster, i have remove the workstation to a bigger room without anything to block the air supply,i have even try to connect the power supply to a different socket but nothing has change! the noise is still there!

I do not know what is the problem, i was really happy in the first days, no sound, no fan spinning, nothing very very quite.

Please anybody with a solution!


win 7 professional 64 bit

intel xeon cpu e5-2630 v2 2.6

nvidia k4000

16 gb ram

Thanks in advance!

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Replace the terminal past under the Heat Sync of you CPU. The terminal Past i uses is Arctic Sliver 5

This will mate the metal surface of your CPU and The Heat sync so the is No Air gapes and help pull the heat into the Heat sync. Youtube will show you how to do it just look it up.

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Hi, if you can help me explain the format of the HP z820 desktop computer where it contains Windows 7 and when I wanted to install Windows 8 did not complete the installation and showed a mistake in the code... with respect

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