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Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66 GHz Core i7 Processors

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How do I remove just the memory clips on the logic board?

I broke one of the two fasteners that secures the memory in the "down" position. Is there any way to replace just this part? I tried removing the 4 screws that appear to connect the fastener to the logic board but had not luck removing the piece. Any ideas?

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Not really possible ;-{

The issue is the pins that thread though the logic board and are then soldered in place. You need very special equipment to replace the RAM holders. Sadly, its time for a new logic board.

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Without removing the whole ram socket you can just cut the portion of the socket where the fastener is located and replace it from one salvaged from another scrap board.

Check this thread:

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Might be S.O.L. On that one unless you can find a dead board that's identical to your board and are really good at soldering and unsoldering. You can try ghetto rigging it some how to stay down just be sure using stuff that is non conductive or anti static. And make sure you unplug battery while you are ghetto rigging it.

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