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De Commodore 64 werd uitgebracht in augustus 1982 en was een groot succes. In maart 1987 werd de Commodore 64C uitgebracht.

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What port do I use to connect my Commodore 64 joystick?

I have a joystick for my Commodore 64, but I don't know which port it connects to.

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I always used the Atari 2600 joysticks with the C64. I remember playing Spy Hunter and it had a special plastic controller holder so you could use two joysticks and be able to press both buttons with the left hand.


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You should always use Port 2, because joysticks plugged into Port 1 could interfere with the command line interface. Some people thought this port was plugging a second joystick for two player games, however, this port became the default after a while.

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