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De CFS-204 is een analoge AM/FM-radio en cassettespeler uit de jaren 90. Deze kan worden gevoed door zes C-cel batterijen of door stroom uit een standaard stopcontact.

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Why can't I get my radio to turn on?

I tried to turn it on by setting the Function switch to FM, but I get nothing. No sound or little red light on top. I have batteries in, but still nothing happens.

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Sony cd/ radio turns on CD works radio not tuning in just makes a noise help please


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First, check that your batteries are in properly. Next, it is important to make sure the contact of the battery with the device is clean, as this can cause problems with battery operation. If these two things do not work, try using the A/C adapter cord. To do this, plug it into the radio and the wall and try turning it on again. If this also does not work, it is possible that the FUNCTION switch is broken. It may be helpful to see a full description of probable issues and their repair guides on the Troubleshooting Page.

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On the receptical built into the back housing, there is a small switch that when the ac cord is pluged in to route the power for ac, when the cord is removed this same switch allows the battery dc power to be routed, it this small switch causing the problem.

when you remove the back portion look closely at this switch, you may have to hard wire around it for whatever power source you want to use. Finding that part will be an issue.

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just remove the AC cord from the unit and then the batteries work.


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I put batterys in and unplug the unit and still no responds.

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