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Popular laptop sold by HP. While it comes in many configurations, all models of this laptop have the same basic form factor. The numbers after G60 indicate the factory specifications of the laptop and who sold it.

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How can I retrieve the password


i was given a hp g60-230us laptop running vista home premium because my friend forgot the password and couldent find a utility that would work

i would like to keep the laptops programs and such intact because i was told he has all sorts of useful goodies like games on it and i WILL NOT REMOVE CRAPWARE AGAIN!(i did it for him)

is there any fix to retrieve the password and retrieve it or reset it?

after i get it going it may have 7 on it

i forgot to mention he also mentioned he even managed to get one of the battery knotches stuck and wont come out

i wanna get this fixed!

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What operating system is it running?


vista home premium


there are many free or paid software you can use to reset hp windows password, but you need to make a reset disk first on another working computer, like ntpassword, wingeeker or passfolk.

and more..


These free tools don't work most of the time.such as the NP password reset tool , it loaded on my Hp laptop for 40 minutes and still required a password to access laptop ,with the help of the similar method that I foun on Google , the login password was deleted .

Hope you can share more if you have .


PassMoz LabWin is the one I recently used to successfully reset password on HP Envy 13. Here is the steps I followed: Applied to Windows 10/8/7/Vista


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try this trick:

Login with the default administrator account

Step 1: Start Windows PC

Step 2: When you can see the Windows login screen, press ctrl+alt+del keys Twice and it'll show Classic Login box

Step 3: Type Administrator as Username and leave the Password field blank

Step 4: Press the Enter Key and then you can be able to login the default windows administrator account which is it created by default when install windows.

Note: When you input the key combination Please don't put the cursor on any account. And if you change the name or password before, you cannot login by this way. so only windows password recovery utility can help you,check this out:

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You can reset the password with a password reset disk. No data or program will be changed. You can create a password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

See: How to Reset HP Laptop Password?

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OK, Assuming u have the windows vista disc, boot from it select ur language and when it says "Install Now" look at the bottom left corner of the window and click "repair your computer" select ur OS then click "command prompt" a black window should come up. in the windows type:

net user yourusername *

It will say: Enter a new password for this user:

Type ur new password, reboot and ur done!

I ope my info was useful!

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I has a recovery partition


no vista disk

i use recovery partitions from HP


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Use a bootable cd Hirens Boot CD 9.7

this cd can be used on some hp laptop's

but any other brand of laptop or computer it will work!

Hirens Boot CD Version 9.7 Torrent file

Hirens Boot CD Version 9.7

just remove it using hirens boot cd ver9.7 with a few clicks your password is removed and you can enter your account again

Hirens Boot cd V9.7 (old version)

also provides a large range of diagnostic tools

back up tool

Tiny windows XP

and lots of other tools!

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Download the DigiWiz Mini PE boot disk. Boot to cd. Use the SAM inside program to remove the password.

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If you have a repair disk, of course you can try it to crack Windows password. But if you don't have maybe you can consider using Ophcrack. Most time it is helpful but cannot guarantee 100% successful reset. Above all, the last one should be the best method for your Windows password reset. Another safe and effective software you can try, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, which I have used and you can visit from:

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The best answer is chntpw, but it's an advanced tool. You might want to try this, though:

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You'll need to use a password recovery tool independent of the local operating system. Don't worry though, the tools are well established and relatively easy to use.

# Go to and download the CD image.

# Burn the ISO to a disk (instructions here)

# Boot your laptop from the CD that you just burned.

# Follow the instructions in the screen that pops up (also referenced on the link in Step 1. You'll mostly be following the default options and selecting the user whose password you want to reset.

# Make sure to write the changes before rebooting.

# Log in

# Do happy dance.

Follow the steps above you should be able to reset Windows 7 password easily.


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Want to reset vista password? You can do it like this:

Method 1:

Step 1. Click Start button, Control Panel, User Account and Family Safety, User Account orderly.

Step 2: Click Create a password reset disk and the wizard will come up

Step 3: Follow the wizard to create the password reset disk.

This method is to help you in case of lost Windows password. It is only available when you can log on with the account. (many users don’t remember to create one before forgetting the password)

Method 2: Use Windows Password Unlocker to create a Windows password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Step 1: Download Windows Password Unlocker Professional from

Step 2: Create a password reset disk with the program in any accessible PC

Step3: Insert the reset disk in your locked computer

Step 4: Remove the forgotten password with the created password reset disk

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you can use Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD

download the image and burn it

1.set up your laptop to boot from cd

2.boot the software and press enter your drive (hard disk) manually your username

5.change or reset your password

6.remeber put ! for save the changes


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Hello, you can use a tool named Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate to unlock the password. Here are detailed steps:

1. Launch the software on the workable computer. Then insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the workable computer, and burn an ISO image file to the device with Quick Recovery or Advanced Recovery Wizard.

2. Pull out the created password reset disk and insert it into the locked computer, and set BIOS to boot the locked computer from the disk.

3. Then you will see interfaces of Windows Password Recovery Tool, follow the instructions on them to reset the password.

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If you forgot the password for your windows 7 password, you can try this Windows Password Recovery to reset the password. It is very easy to use, you just need to finish three simple steps to reset windows 7 password

1. download and install the windows password recovery to another accessible computer, burn the password reset disk

2. set your locked computer boot from the disk

3. reset the password.

For details, refer:

how to reset windows 7 password

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If the trouble for you about Windows password is that you lost or forgotten Windows password, you can use the powerful Windows password recovery tool-Windows Password Key to retrieve the password that you want to reset or remove. Details steps is below.

Step1: Download Windows Password Key and install it on any accessible computer.

Step2: Prepare a useful CD/DVD or USB to boot up the tool on it.

Step3: Insert the newly created CD/DVD or USB to the computer that you lost or forgot password, and then following the simple tool guide to retrieve the password.

How to reset Windows 10 password

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